IOI | Best Practice Paper on Own initiative investigations

In June 2017 the IOI introduced the Best Practice Papers series. The main aim of this new publication series is to provide guidance material to IOI members, Ombudsman colleagues and interested third parties. The Best Practice Papers will address key topics to inform strong and independent control mechanisms and therefore become relevant to Ombudsman institutions worldwide.

Best Practice Paper – Issue 3 on “Own motion investigation” has been launched on the occasion of an “Own Initiative” event, which was hosted by the Office of the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman in Belfast from 22 – 23 October 2018.

The power of conducting own initiative investigations allows to bring a matter of significance to the attention of the wider public. It demonstrates the real value of Ombudsman institutions, who no longer have to rely on receiving specific complaints, but can investigate issues affecting those less likely to complain, thus bringing about genuine improvement to people’s lives.

The paper will focus on the numerous examples from across the IOI community and shed a light on different approaches and methodologies for these type of investigations which are not triggered by an individual complaint but rather have a systemic component.

Other papers in the IOI’s Best Practice Paper series include:

  • Issue 1 - Developing and Reforming Ombudsman Institutions: An IOI guide for those undertaking these tasks

  • Issue 2 - Securing effective change: How to make recommendations that bring about sustainable improvement to public administration

The papers are available on the IOI website.

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