Armenia | Automated system provides consultation on basic rights of persons deprived of liberty

A unique automated system in the Facebook Messenger application has been launched by the RA Human Rights Defender in Armenian and English. The automated system provides consultation on the basic rights in Armenian and English to the persons deprived of liberty, their relatives or any other person.

Given the importance of the initiative, official permission was received from the Facebook Headquarters.

The system, containing more than 300 responses to questions with regard to issues on deprivation of liberty, can be downloaded in Facebook Messenger. To access “Legal Counsel for Detainee” automatized system it is required to

1. Search “Legal Counsel for Detainee” in the search box of the Facebook Messenger application.

2. Click on the suggested page titled “Legal Counsel for Detainee”.

3. Select the language in Armenian or English.

4. Follow the instructions by selecting the button on the preferred question.

Awareness-raising is an essential component of the prevention of human rights violations, and the Human Rights Defender’s institution employs modern technologies as well.


Source: Office of the Human Rights Defender, Armenia


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