ARGENTINA | An approach to conflict on the Global Agenda: 30 years of experience in the Ombudsman's Office of the Province of Santa Fe

In July 2022, the International Mediation Congress was held in the city of Rosario, Argentina, organized by the Santa Fe Ombudsman's Office, with the support of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI), the Ibero-American Federation of Ombudspersons (FIO), the Latin American Institute of the Ombudsman-Ombudsmen (ILO) and the Association of Ombudsmen of the Argentine Republic (ADPRA).

The Congress was established as a space for plural debate of ideas with the aim of improving the coexistence of communities. Proof of this is that the activity had more than 2,800 participants from 40 countries on the five continents, as well as the presentation of representatives from Spain, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Norway, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Angola, Australia and Israel, who shared different experiences about addressing the conflict.

The preparation of this publication on the International Mediation Congress meets two specific objectives. The first is to value each of the experiences, dissertations and reflections expressed there, with special emphasis on the pioneering work of the Ombudsman's Office of the province of Santa Fe in the matter. The second is to have new and suitable material as a trigger to continue reworking these issues in the province, in the country and in the world, in a context of growing social conflict.

The publication is inspired by the conviction that these activities must become quality reference material that calls for reflection, dialogue and an open, constant and constructive debate that will undoubtedly drive the promotion and application of disruptive policies and actions aimed at to achieve a better social coexistence.


Source: Ombudsman Office of the Province of Santa Fe, Argentina

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