L’Ombudsman de l’Ontario, Paul Dubé, a annoncé les détails de son plan pour pourvoir le poste de commissaire aux services en français au sein de son bureau. M. Dubé choisira le nouveau/la nouvelle commissaire avec l’aide d’un comité d’experts : Michel A. Carrier (Commissaire aux langues officielles du Nouveau-Brunswick par intérim), et Linda Cardinal (professeure à l’Université d’Ottawa et autorité reconnue à l’échelle internationale sur les droits linguistiques).
Ontario Ombudsman Paul Dubé announced the details of his plans to fill the role of French Language Services Commissioner within his office. Mr Dubé will choose the new commissioner with the assistance of an expert panel: Michel A. Carrier (Interim Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick), and Linda Cardinal
(University of Ottawa professor and internationally recognized authority on language rights).
El documento detalla el relevamiento de un total de 1.395 víctimas que permitieron la individualización de 5.314 hechos de tortura y/o malos tratos penitenciarios durante el período en estudio.
The first report, Defence’s policies for receiving and responding to reports of abuse, examines current Defence policies and procedures for the reporting and management of abuse. This report focuses on Defence’s documentation in this area; subsequent reports will examine how the policies and procedures are applied in practice.
The African Ombudsman and Mediators Association (AOMA) recently released the 12th issue of its newsletter "African Ombudsman Today". It has a special emphasis on celebrating female Ombudsman as August is marked as the women’s month in South Africa.
The Ombudsman, Ms Winnie Chiu, today (14 August) announced the completion of a direct investigation by the Office of The Ombudsman on the Buildings Department (BD)’s implementation of the Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme.
On 24 June 2019, the Ombudsman of Israel, Judge (ret.) Joseph Haim Shapira, laid
on the table of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) Annual Report 45 of the Office of the
Ombudsman for the year 2018.
Se ha solicitado a colegios profesionales, Ministerio Público y municipalidades, de acuerdo a sus competencias, investigar y sancionar las referidas prácticas.
The NPM team visited yesterday two health care institutions in Niš. The visit was paid to the Psychiatric Clinic of the Clinical Center Niš after it was announced and in accordance with the plan of visits for 2019, while the visit to the Center for Mental Health at the Clinical Center Niš was visited by NPM members without previous announcement.
ENNHRI has submitted a third-party intervention to the European Court of Human Rights in the cases of Strøbye v. Denmark and Rosenlind v. Denmark concerning the right to vote for individuals who are under legal guardianship or deprived of their legal capacity. Led by the National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) of Denmark (Danish Institute for Human Rights), the submission underlines that voting rights cannot be withdrawn solely based on a disability.